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Notarization of Signatures

As part of our convenient mobile notary solutions, Karlkaru Mobile Notary offers notarization of signatures. Our professional notary public team ensures that all documents are legally binding by verifying the identity of the signers and witnessing their signatures.

Notarization of signatures is essential for many legal documents, such as contracts, affidavits, and deeds, to name a few. It also assures parties that a particular document is authentic and binding in the eyes of the law. With our fast and reliable notarization services, you can be confident that your paperwork is handled accurately and promptly.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment, and our mobile notary will come to your preferred location in Los Angeles. At Karlkaru Mobile Notary, we are committed to providing quality notarization services for all your important legal documents.

$15.00 Per signature

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